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Event Video and Streaming



e deliver high-quality video production for your project meeting. We have the qualified professionals and the best Video Production tools to cover your event, no matter if this one is based conference or an online event.

Live event: Whether you are an event planner or member of a project team, learn more about our work and see if we can help you on  your next event.

A highlight video is 2-3 minute video that encapsulates the essence of your corporate event. It could be a town hall meeting, a trade show, conference or any event that matters to your company.

We offer streaming service for european project events. At Tictaclab we have been using streaming technology for a long time. We know which are the best tools to creat a seminar, a conference or a workshop online event. We work with most prestigious streaming providers such as Livestream Vimeo or Vmix.

In our bag we carry out many success stories of adapting events to an online context.

From small meeting to large event, Tictaclab can offer you to squeeze the posibilities of Video Streaming. Let us get involved on your next even!