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Social Media Strategy

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Why use social media on your projects?

Social media allow you to reach an extremely wide — but also targeted — audience, maximising the impact and successful exploitation of your research results.

Communicating vs Disseminating Social media can be used for both communication and dissemination (both of which are mandatory for most of the projects).

But what is the difference between these 2 activities?

Covers the whole project (including results) Covers project results only
Starts at the outset of the project, Happens only once results are available
Multiple audiences

Beyond the project’s own community, including the media and general public.

Multiplier effect.

Specialist audiences

Groups that may use the results in their own work, including peer groups,

industry, professional organisations, policymaker

Informing and engaging with society, to show how it can benefit from research

Enabling the take-up and use of results

Legal reference Grant Agreement Article 38.1

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Other benefits of social media:

  •  Manage your reputation and wield influence in debates on science and innovation with a wider audience.
  •  Build networks to help you find new research partners among colleagues and potential graduate students, accessing additional expertise from all over the world
  •  Informally pre-review works in progress, gaining consensus on and/or feedback about your work  crowdfund research
  • Recruit volunteers.